La Bomba
Welfare Road, Cole Bay

Think of Spanish Caribbean food and there's good news and bad news - one the one hand, ample portions of succulent meat and fish with robust accompaniments; on the other, a dearth of local places to find the good stuff. Luckily, Cole Bay's La Bomba offers a pit stop of premium Dominican-based dishes.

The set up owes a lot to the traditional Dominican diner/café - a glass case with trays of shimmering dishes under light bulbs buzzed over by bubbly staff - in this case owner Daisy. On any given day, you'll find breakfast staples such as Johnny Cakes, mangu (mashed plantain), tostones and salami to lunch dishes such as salt fish stew, oxtail, baked chicken along with boiled plantain and yucca.

A highlight here is chicharron - huge chunks of salty pork crackling that are a sumptuous indulgence. And if you're ordering rice, don't forget to demand some 'Con-con', the brittle but tacky hardened rice scraped off the bottom of the pan, as essential to Spanish food as red beans.

La Bomba has been going strong in its current spot for over four years, and also hosts a car wash and pool table. With the average price of a platter coming in at between $8 and $12, it's reasonably competitive, but the draw here is informal, easy dining that will nevertheless leave you staggering heavy-bellied to your vehicle.
Johnny Cakes